Whitetail Workshop

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Eberhart’s Whitetail Workshops are NOT land manipulation workshops, they are educational workshops for all hunters with the desire to take trophy bucks whether hunting public land, free permission, family owned, leased, managed, or travel hunting to other states.

Hunters spend a lot of hard earned money every year on upgrading their hunting equipment, buying advertised gadgets, vehicle upkeep and traveling with the thought that it will make them more successful; and most often that can’t be farther from the truth. There’s an old saying that’s very true, “it’s not the bow, it’s the Indian”. BECOME THAT INDIAN!!!

There is also the aspect of utilizing your time to its full potential. Scouting, location preparation, practicing, hunting and traveling to hunt all consume the limited free time many hunters have, especially those with young families. Free time is not only precious; it has value. John’s 53 years of experience and knowledge will demonstrate in detail how to utilize your time to its fullest potential to make you a much more successful hunter. This one time investment of attending one of John’s workshops will insure your lifelong skill and hunting success no matter where you hunt.

Each Workshop will be a 2 day in-field/classroom event with the in-field day taking place on a 170 acre free permission farm consisting of only 37 acres of timber and swamp. John resides about 30 miles from the property and there are 2 other hunters living within a mile of it that have hunted it for years. John’s hunted the property since 2007 and to date has taken 5 record book bucks from it and the other hunters have taken none. He has 11 stand sites prepared with a strategic seasonal and daily plan for each and each site will be visited and explained in detail concerning stand height, shooting lanes, entry and exit routes, how a total scent control regiment affects success, and much more.

The in-classroom seminar will detail John’s scent control regiment, tools used for location preparation, gear to take hunting, daily and seasonal hunting strategies and techniques, hunting within bedding areas, primary scrape areas, how, when and under what circumstances to use fake tactics, the importance of patience and every other topic imaginable. Of course John will welcome all questions as he feels there is no hunting situation he hasn’t dealt with during his 53 seasons.

John’s qualifications for teaching workshops are that he has 30 bucks in CBM’s record book from 19 different properties in 10 different counties and has taken 19 P&Y class bucks on his 21 out of state bow hunts from 13 different properties in 5 states. The main qualifier is that John’s never paid a dime to hunt anywhere, choosing to exclusively hunt heavily pressured public land, free walk-on, and knock on doors for free permission properties without using bait.

It’s a non-disputable fact that once you learn the skills to take mature bucks in heavily pressured areas, you can go absolutely anywhere with those skills and successfully pursue the best bucks the area has to offer.

To sum up what these workshops are about, no matter what weapon you use; if:

-You hunt public land and struggle to see, let alone take bucks, and feel lost trying to figure out hunting properties where there’s tons of competition

-You’re a hunter that was mentored with old school hunting methods and you struggle at taking mature bucks

-You’re a hunter that has relied on the expense and routine of hauling bait to see deer

-You’ve spent thousands of dollars in support of land manipulation and quality deer management, yet struggle to kill the big bucks caught on your motion cameras

-You’re a passionate hunter but can’t seem to get a handle on what to do and when and where to do it

-You hunt the same few stands all season and wonder why you never see the big boys that you know are in the area

-You get nighttime motion camera photos of big bucks yet struggle to get daytime opportunities

-You get winded or your scent control is such that you have to hunt according to wind direction

-You’re simply new to deer hunting

If you fall under any of the above categories or have other issues hampering your success, the training and skillset you obtain at one of my workshops will allow you to finish putting the deer hunting puzzle together. Hunting mature bucks is like a big puzzle and the more severe the hunting pressure, the more complex and difficult the puzzle pieces. But no matter the difficulty, the pieces will fit together. My goal is for you to learn the skills to be successful in pressured areas and once that’s accomplished you can go anywhere in any state in the country and consistently put yourself on the best bucks the area has to offer.

I want deer to fear the moment you show up!

2017 Eberhart’s Whitetail Workshop dates and costs:

  • Weekend Workshops will be held in central Michigan and the last remaining event dates in 2017 are September 23rd and 24th. Click on the Workshop link on the home page and go to the “attendee information” page for event information, locations and lodging.
  • Each 2 day in-field/classroom Workshop event will cost $600 – In/field day held on property John’s hunted for 9 years and classroom day held in Jay’s Sporting Goods, Michigan’s largest hunt/fish/camp store.
  • Lodging and meals not included

If attending a workshop please put the weekend dates you will be attending in the memo portion of the check or on a separate note and make check payable to and send to:

John Eberhart
1219 Queensway Dr.
Weidman, Mi. 48893

Call John in evenings or on weekends with any questions at: 989-644-6067 or e-mail John at: deerjohn51@gmail.com to schedule an available event date or to have John scout a property.

Payments are non-refundable but John will be happy to schedule you on a future date.



Workshop Testimonials:

After spending the day with John Eberhart, who undoubtedly is one of the best whitetail hunters in Michigan, if not the country, I came away with a much better understanding of how and what has made him so successful. It is one thing to read John’s informative books and many articles detailing his methods and techniques, but to actually walk and observe his hunting environment is the ultimate learning experience.

Not only is John a great whitetail hunter, but he is also an informative teacher as well. John’s willingness and receptiveness to answer any and all questions posed to him while in the field was an invaluable resource to have available to myself as a participant and a student.

Finally, John’s individualistic approach, personal style, wealth of Information, and devotion to detail are all well worth the investment of time and money for the whitetail enthusiast. I would certainly recommend adding this experience to a whitetail hunters bucket list.

Ron MoestaTustin, Michigan


Thank you for organizing your Whitetail Workshop. It was an outstanding opportunity that I am glad I participated in and even though I had already read your books and watched your DVD’s, which are very informative, the workshop was the icing on the cake.

There is no substitute for getting out into the field and seeing for yourself what your books and DVD’s are discussing. Attending the workshop will enhance my recognition of transition areas, primary scrape zones, destination locations, bedding areas, & how to enter & exit (UNDETECTED) the properties I hunt.

Showing where and how you set up on a hunting property and then discussing your strategy for hunting the entire season on that property was enlightening as was witnessing how you set up trees, prepared shooting lanes and deciphered entry and exit routes.

My take away from the workshop was priceless. For those that want to observe and learn successful techniques for hunting mature whitetail bucks, you owe it to yourself to attend Eberhart’s Whitetail Workshop.

Tom Trace – Ohio


What John’s whitetail workshop did for me.

Enhanced skills were learned.
Made me think about my current habits that can be improved such as ways to enter and exit stands to minimize spooking game.
Showed me how to use the tree saddle to maximize comfort and mobility.
How to utilize natural food sources and choose the right tree to create a great location setup and then decipher what time of season and day is best for each hunting location.
How to save money on tree steps and how to put them into the tree.
Shooting lane preparation that maximizes chances of getting off a shot.
Best tools of the trade that will reduce the amount of effort needed to prepare a location including preparing a tree, shooting lanes and entry and exit routes.  
The scent control portion is a must for anyone interested in becoming undetectable from the whitetails ability to smell you at levels strong enough to alarm them.
The regimen required for scent control requires discipline. John will help provide the information required to properly care for all of your hunting clothing as well as provide recommended suppliers of great hunting clothing. You will also learn great tips on how to keep warm on stand when the temperatures get low.

The whitetail workshop is a great way to enhance you hunting knowledge and improve your chances for success in the field.

Steve Thomas – Michigan


It was nice meeting you and Lynn. I appreciate the opportunity to see your set ups and learn how you go about hunting.

I wish I would have learned from you 20 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and money and my success would have been much better. I have spent a small fortune on deer hunting products but your workshop was by far the best money I have spent. It was very helpful spending time in the woods and seeing how you anticipate deer movement and set up for the shot. Thanks for your help with my saddle as I can’t wait to hunt with it this fall.

Thanks for everything. I hope our paths cross again – Steve Lamie



I really enjoyed your workshop as it was so helpful being in the woods and seeing your hunting locations and the reasons they were chosen. While my hunting is primarily hill country, your approach was the main takeaway for me in finding my areas particular patterns based on the knowledge you gave.

Your scent regimen you so willingly shared and the use of Scent-Lok and other things done in conjunction with it will be a game changer for me.

I chose your workshop because I respect your style of hunting and the way you analyze and dissect deer patterns as well as you using the tree saddle/sling harness system. – Steve Boggs



Before I came I read your book PRECISION BOWHUNTING in which you cover most whitetail hunting topics in great detail. However your workshop gave me the perfect opportunity to see firsthand how you actually do thing such as prepare your hunting locations and entry and exit routes as well as plan out in detail your seasonal hunting plan for that particular property.

As a self-taught hunter, attending your two day workshop allowed me to talk to you and confirm the hunting strategies taught in the book. I appreciated your willingness to answer all my questions in detail on how to hunt pressured deer in my home state of Pennsylvania and for answering the many questions asked by the other attendees.

Your attention to every detail has inspired me to become a better hunter and you also clarified a few misconceptions I had about hunting. I feel more confident and am excited to apply your hunting strategies in my hunting excursions.

Thanks again for offering such a great interactive workshop.

Ryan Smoker – Pennsylvania