Attendee Information

2018 Whitetail Workshops Attendee Information

2018 Whitetail Workshop weekend projected dates: April 28/29 and June 2/3. Workshop dates from June thru August will be announced later.

Each Workshop will be limited to 10 hunters so there can be some personal Q&A.

Workshop weekends (2 days each- Sat./Sun.) cost: $600 – (lodging and meals not included)

Young adults and kids accompanied with a parent or guardian under the age of 16 – $300

If attending a workshop please put the dates you will be attending in the memo portion of the check or on a separate note and make check payable to and send to:

John Eberhart
1219 Queensway Dr.
Weidman, Mi. 48893

Attendees will be required to sign a waiver of liability form and attendees under the age of 18 will also be required to have a parent or guardian sign their waiver.

Listed below is where each of the 2 workshop dates (Saturday-in/field and Sunday-classroom) will take place.

*Day 1 of workshop (Saturday) will be the in-field day and we will start around 8:30 am. The property is located at:

8877 N. Derby Rd.
Six Lakes, Michigan 48886

Attendees using their cell phone GPS’s have had issues finding 8877 N. Derby Rd. (in/field location) on Saturday mornings whereas the attendees using vehicle GPS’s haven’t, so below are printed directions in case you get lost in the vicinity and the location is very simple to find.

-Coming in from northern Michigan: Take Highway 27 south to M-46 then go west about 23 miles to Derby Rd. then turn north to first farm on left side of Derby Rd., or come south on M-66 to M-46 and turn east on M-46 and go 1 mile to Derby Rd. then turn north to first farm on left.
-Coming in from southern Michigan: Take Highway 27 north to M-46 then go west about 23 miles to Derby Rd. then turn north to first farm on left side of Derby Rd., or take highway 131 north to M-46 then go east about 18 miles to Derby Rd. then turn north to first farm on left side of Derby Rd.

Please call my cell at 989-429-7970 if you have problems locating the property and please park in front of white barn on west side of Derby Rd.

For the Saturday in-field day bring whatever you would wear for scouting in whatever weather the dates your attending in would call for. Bring a pair of walking boots and depending on the amount of rain or winter runoff we have, you may need to bring a pair of knee high rubber or neoprene boots. You should also bring a change of clothes for lunch as we might get a bit wet (if it’s raining) or sweaty if its hot out and you can change in the field before heading to lunch. Bring some bottled water and whatever snacks you might want and a fanny pack to tote it in. Bring a light rain suit as we will continue if it rains. If you want to take pictures, it’s fine with me.

We will visit 13 of the 15 locations I have prepared on the 37 acres of huntable property and go over every detail at each concerning why; this location, this tree, this height, this quantity of shooting lanes, and why this entry and exit route. We will discuss; location preparation, tools used, the best seasonal timing for each location, whether it’s a morning, midday, evening or an all of the above location, scent control regimen, how to properly enter a morning location, how to properly exit a location after dark, how to be as inconspicuous as possible during a hunt, how to properly set up in the tree, how to hunt at a destination location without getting picked such as at a mast or fruit tree or a primary scrape area where there may be many eyes searching the trees for a period of time, and how to hunt and take advantage of standing corn. We will cover tactics like rattling, calling, decoys, vocal matting to stop a buck in his tracks for a standing shot, the non-use of scents when hunting destination locations, use of different colored reflective tacks and ties, the non-use of noisy quads, parking your vehicle without interfering with that hunt, different steps and climbing apparatuses, harness hunting, Kestrel Harness, and that’s all I can think of at the moment but there will be more for sure.

During the day we will break and go to lunch sometime around noon. We will come back to the property after lunch and continue on until around 4:30 pm or however long it takes. There will be no scheduled ending time as I will answer all questions as we go.

After the in-field day, if you’re from out of state you will go to your respective hotels in Clare which is where Day 2 of the workshop will take place. There are many restaurants in and just north of Clare and the Doherty Hotel has a very nice bar and restaurant.

*Day 2 of workshop (Sunday) will be the in-classroom seminar day and it will be held in the Outback Seminar Room at Jay’s Sporting Goods (nice padded office chairs) from 9:15 am until 4:00 pm (store is only open from noon to 5 pm) with a break around noon for lunch at a local fast food joint or Ponderosa. Jay’s Management will let us in the Outback Room via a side door shortly after 9 am but we will not be allowed into the retail store until noon. At some point we will go in the store and I will show you the 62 deer heads I have hanging on display in their boot department (my 6 biggest heads are hanging in my house).

The classroom day will be an in-depth seminar on absolutely everything that has anything to do with killing mature bucks no matter where you hunt and there will be Q&A sessions. My scouting and location preparation gear will be in the room as well as my DeLorme state maps and notebooks for hunting out of state and a couple of my old notepads with hand written diagrams of hunting locations on the properties I’ve hunted. These things are not to be confused with “look at me, I’m really good”, but rather as examples of the detail required to be consistently successful and make no mistake, if I can do it as a poor janitors son, so can you!

My mini-van will be parked outside and it will be loaded just as if I’m going hunting and we will open all the doors and I will thoroughly go over everything in it as if I’m going hunting. I will also go over what I carry in each of my 4 air tight ScentLok totes which pertains to my scent control regimen and will open my carbon lined hunting backpack (in its own air tight tote) and take everything out to show what I take on a hunt and explain why. Other 3 totes contain: 1. ScentLok garments for differing weather conditions. 2. layering garments for different weather conditions. 3. Waterproof garments and backpack. Other items in van are boots for differing weather conditions, hip boots, Otter sled, versa cart, ramp, pulley system, bows (please don’t laugh too loud when you see my 2 go to bows), boot dryer, warmer container full of different types of air-activated warmers, loaded freelance fanny pack, maps,  etc.

Jay’s Sporting Goods is the largest (in square footage) independent hunt/fish/camp sporting goods retail store in Michigan and on Friday afternoon there will be 15% discount vouchers for each attendee at the front desk and you will need to show your ID to get yours. Vouchers will be good from the Friday prior to the workshop event and run through the following Thursday and can be used for on-line purchases throughout that period as well. Jay’s carry’s Baffin Titan boots (for extreme cold weather) and about every other boot imaginable, is a full line ScentLok retailer, and has basically anything you would need for anything to do with hunting or fishing. Discount vouchers will not apply to the purchases of firearms and electronics.

For those coming into Clare on Friday, Jay’s is open until 9 pm and on Saturday’s until 8 pm.

Jay’s Sporting Goods is located 1 mile north of Clare at:

Jay’s Sporting Goods
8800 s. Clare Ave.
Clare, Mi. 48617

Closest Airports:
-Gerald Ford-Grand Rapids airport is about 2 hours from Clare and 1 hour and 20 minutes from Edmore.
-Lansing Airports is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Clare and 1 hour and 30 minutes from Edmore.
-Midland-Bay City-Saginaw (MBS) airport is about 45 minutes from Clare and about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Edmore.
-Bishop airport in Flint is about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Clare and 1 hour and 50 minutes from Edmore.

If coming in on Friday afternoon you have 3 options.

Option 1: Book a hotel in Clare for Friday and Saturday night and then on Friday evening you could go to Jays and look around.

Clare hotels: Doherty Hotel – 877-236-4378, Days Inn – 844-575-9332, Sweet Fern B&B – 989-386-0485 (about 7 miles north of Clare)

From Clare on Saturday morning it will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to Six Lakes where the in/field property is located, so if staying in Clare on Friday night you will have to leave by 6:45 am to get to the in-field property on time (a bit early).

Option 2: If driving in from the south on Friday and you don’t want to drive the extra hour north to Clare and then drive the extra hour and 20 minutes back south to the property on Saturday morning you can pre-book at one of the 2 hotels in Edmore which are 10 minutes from the in/field property on Saturday.

Edmore hotels: Maxfields Inn – 866-550-8838, Edmore Inn (not as nice) – 989-427-5163.

If staying in Edmore on Friday night you will want to check out on Saturday morning at around 8:00 am and head to the property. You will want to have pre-booked a room in Clare for Saturday night at one of the 3 hotels listed above.

Option 3 (camping option): Gammy Woods family campground is halfway between the in/field day location and the day 2 location at Jay’s and they rent daily campsites for $32 with electric hook-ups and water for trailers or $29 for tents. There are 8 showers in the campground, several bathrooms, a swimming pond and a small general store.

Gammy Woods phone number is: 989-644-2267 or 989-506-8005.

If any of this sounds confusing or you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me at: 989-644-6067 or e-mail him at: or try my cell at: 989-429-7970 – John Eberhart (I don’t carry my cell unless traveling).