Scouting Properties

– Scouting Properties –

An avid hunter can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars each year on a hunting related vehicle, quad, gas, and hunting equipment, and will spend at least a couple hundred hours of time scouting, preparing locations, and hunting. Why, because like me, it’s their passion?

Many hunters get motion pictures or know of big bucks on the property they hunt, yet fail to hang a tag on them. Are you one of those hunters?

Proper; scouting, location preparation, scent control, entry and exit routes, knowing when and where to do what, having a seasonal and daily plan of attack and many other detailed aspects of hunting are the foundations for consistent success.

Whether you hunt public land, free permission, family owned, leased or managed properties; let John scout the property for site locations and have him create a strategic plan to make you a serious threat to any mature buck on the property. After all, over his 53 seasons he’s scouted 17 different parcels of public land and several dozen free permission properties in Michigan and has taken 57 mature bucks from them with 30 of them making the Michigan record book. John’s has also scouted 13 properties on his 21 out of state trips to 5 different states and has taken 19 P&Y bucks on those 21 trips.

A full day of scouting would consist of;  scouting for new locations, assessing your current locations and how their prepared, proper location preparation of tree, shooting lanes and entry and exit routes, assessing the property your hunting and the surrounding areas hunting pressure and how it may affect where on the property and how you need to hunt, teaching a total scent control regiment, showing tools used for location preparation, discussing daily and seasonal hunting strategies and techniques, scouting bedding areas, discussing if and where to use motion cameras, locating natural food sources, locating any primary scrape areas, discussing how when and under what circumstances to use fake tactics (calls and decoys), importance of being patient, and every other topic imaginable that has to do with aiding you in capitalizing on your opportunities by putting punched tags on mature bucks. And if you bait my goal would also be to ween you from it.

John has the experience and knowledge to show you how to utilize whatever property you have access to, to its fullest potential and will welcome all questions as he feels there is no hunting situation he hasn’t dealt with during his 53 seasons.

Act now and contact John to discuss your personal hunting situation.

2017 Scouting costs and Eberhart Whitetail Workshop dates and costs:

Scouting properties costs will be done on a case by case issue with the base cost being $800 per full day of scouting. Issues influencing cost will be travel distance, overnight stays and the amount of hunters that attend. You’ll need to call John for details on scouting a property.

Weekend Workshops will be held near Edmore Michigan and the remaining dates are: August 12-13, August 19-20, and September 23-24. Click on the Workshop link at the top of the home page to access the workshop attendee information sheet which has all the pertinent travel and hotel information.

  • Each 2 day in-field/classroom Workshop event will cost $600
  • Lodging and meals not included

If attending a workshop please put the weekend dates you will be attending in the memo portion of the check or on a separate note and make check payable to and send to:

John Eberhart
1219 Queensway Dr.
Weidman, Mi. 48893

Call John in evenings or on weekends at 989-644-6067 or e-mail John at to schedule an available event date or to ask him workshop or scouting related questions.

Payments are non-refundable but John will be happy to schedule you on a future date.