Industry Professional Testimonials

– Industry Professional Testimonials –

Arguably there is no one more adept at consistently filling his tags on heavily pressured trophy whitetail bucks than John Eberhart. I would like to think that after 40 years of pursuing whitetails across North America that I know a thing or two about bowhunting them. However, there is one whitetail expert out there who’s advice I still heed when I hear or read it and that is John Eberhart. John knows whitetail deer and what it takes to consistently be successful, year after year. As I mentioned earlier, when John talks, I listen.

Tom Nelson
American Archer TV Show

John Eberhart is the most impressive whitetail hunter I’ve ever met.  His ability to dissect hunting properties and target specific animals is legendary.  John is also an extremely effective hunting educator who is always willing to share his tips and tactics with others.  His skills and abilities make him one of the most popular guests on my Outdoor Magazine Radio show…..

Mike Avery

Real deer hunting experts are the guys who can kill free-ranging deer on their own, and do it through hard work and determination, not through a fat wallet or a friend who happens to be a land baron. I’ve been unbelievably fortunate to have known and learned how to hunt from a handful of true whitetail pioneers. John Eberhart is near the top of the list. His no short-cuts approach to hunting pressured deer is among the best I’ve seen in my 20+ years with Deer & Deer Hunting, America’s First and Foremost Whitetail Source®.

Dan Schmidt
Deer & Deer Hunting magazine – Editor-in-Chief

I was brought up in a hunting family and blessed with a curious mind and a strong desire to learn.

Having been in the hunting industry since 1991, I’ve discussed hunting techniques, tactics and observations with many industry writers, TV and video hunting personalities, and guides. Most agree that due to their cunning behavior and ability to adapt, that taking a mature whitetail buck in a pressured area is the ultimate trophy.

No hunter has shown more insight, fortitude, in depth knowledge and had more success on pressured mature bucks than John Eberhart. If I had new land, wanted to learn the best way to hunt an existing property and otherwise wanted my best opportunity at taking trophy bucks, John would be my go to person for guidance. John’s advice has aided me on taking specific bucks and made me a better overall hunter; knowledge I may never have gained even in 100 years of hunting!   Invaluable lessons!

Greg Sesselmann
Founder and Inventor of Scentlok Technologies

Dedicated, passionate deer experts don’t copycat. Instead, they are notorious for establishing their own ways of hunting. John Eberhart is such a person. If anything, he is an extreme example who has mastered the craft of tackling big bucks on heavily pressured hunting areas. He accomplishes what many say is impossible, and it is in this wisdom that I have learned so much about ‘real’ whitetail hunting. There are few in my realm of knowledge that can hunt whitetails on par with John. He is packed with genuine experience and knowledge that will help anyone improve their deer-hunting success.

Joe Bell,
Executive Director, Pope and Young Club
Former Editor, BOW & ARROW HUNTING Magazine